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DOOM (2016) Original Game Soundtrack; Mick Gordon & id Software

Track numberNameRun timeNotes
1I. DOGMA0:44First Doom Slayer's Testament.
2Rip & Tear4:17
3At DOOM's Gate1:10An extended arrangement of the original "At Doom's Gate".
4Rust, Dust & Guts7:41Contains arranged themes from "The Imp's song"
5II. DEMIGOD0:50Second Doom Slayer's Testament.
6Hellwalker5:05Contains arranged themes from "Sign of Evil" and "DOOM (Doom 2)". The main riff is played using synthesized chainsaw sounds.
7Authorization; Olivia Pierce2:23A full rendition of "Suspense". Contains an Easter egg in its spectrogram showing the number 36. When the audio is transposed up by 36 semitones, Olivia can be heard to say her final line of dialogue from the Foundry, "You could not have saved them anyway."
8Flesh & Metal7:02
9Impure Spectrum1:44
10Ties That Bind2:06Uses the ambient intro from "The Imp's Song".
11BFG Division8:26Contains a short arrangement of "Waltz of the Demons" and a brief sample of the classic BFG at the very end. Seems to have been based on Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson for the Resident Evil film score.
13Argent Energy2:34
14Harbinger7:11Contains themes derived from the "Doom 3 Theme" and "E3M1 - Untitled".
16Olivia's DOOM (Chad Mossholder Remix)4:40Features an unused alternate version of Olivia's announcement before unleashing the Hell Wave. Credited to Chad Mossholder.
17Transistor Fist6:09Contains a short arrangement of "Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)" at 1:33.
18Dr. Samuel Hayden4:10
19Cyberdemon6:18Contains Easter eggs in its spectrogram, including the Number of the Beast, Satanic pentagrams, and the Doom guy's face right at the end.
21III. DAKHMA2:16Third Doom Slayer's Testament. The first segment contains a drone-like ambience similar to "They're Going To Get You". The ending features a choral arrangement of "Sign of Evil".
23The Stench2:50
24UAC Report File; SHTO36U33:04An early version of this song as used during the E3 demo, unofficially named "Welcome to Hell" at the time.
25Death & Exhale3:49
26SkullHacker7:15Contains a Easter egg in its spectrogram of John Romero's head.
27Lazarus Waves3:39
28VEGA Core8:03Contains renditions of "E3M1 - Untitled" at 1:10 and "Into Sandy's City" at 7:08.
296-idkill.vega.cih1:38Credited as a new track made with Chris Hite.
30Mastermind6:37Contains several themes reprised from other tracks, including "Rust, Dust & Guts", "Flesh & Metal", "BFG Division" and "VEGA Core". The closing note is the opening note of "Facing the Spider" played backwards.
31IV. DOOM1:47Final Doom Slayer's Testament. Contains a hidden sample saying, "Jesus loves you", probably as a parody of backmasking controversies.